WPC Door Production Line

WPC Door Production Line include WPC Hollow Door Panel Production Line and WPC Door Frame Production Line.

Introduction of WPC Hollow Door Panel Production Line

WPC Hollow Door Panel Production Line is mainly used in producing WPC wide door panel extrusion.WPC Hollow Door Panel Production Line includes the following main machine: conical twin-screw extruder, vacuum forming table, haul-off machine, cutting machine, stacker.

WPC Hollow Door Panel Production Line can use different types of extruder to produce different profiles. Vacuum cooling water cooling system is adopted, which is easy to vacuum and cool. Traction control system for haul off machine. The cutting machine has the PLC control, and is the dust free cutting.

Sample Display of WPC Hollow Door Panel

Application and Fuction of WPC Hollow Door Panel Production Line

It can be used either inner and outer door board, partition, window sill etc, or PVC+ wood extruding foaming craft. The final products produced by WPC Hollow Door Panel Production Line centralizes the characters of plastic and wood. It not only has special appearance effect, but also overcomes the shortage of wood. It has good processability as wood, and the proportion can be controlled in 0.6-0.9kg/m3.
It can be sawed, drilled, and planed by the wood working tools. the WPC materials and products have features on resistance against heavy acid bases, water-proofing, corrosion resisting, anti-moth, anti-aging, static-free and flame retarded.

Product Description of WPC Door Frame Production Line

WPC Door Frame Production Line mainly screw feed, conical twin-screw extruder, frame profile mould, vacuum calibration platform, haul off machine,cutting machine and stacker.

WPC Door Frame is extruded under high temperature and high pressure after mixing wood powder and PVC to form the overall cavity structure of the wood-plastic door. The inner layer is connected by more than a dozen reinforcing ribs to effectively prevent deformation.

The durability of WPC Door Frame is better than that of wooden, and it is flame retardant and insect-resistant, the advantages of flame retardant.

Sample Display of WPC Door Frame

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